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What the heck is Customerrr?!?

Customerrr (by those effervescent, loveable scallywags at Teknocrat…ahem) is the ultimate, most bodacious and most ambitious Customer Loyalty & Retention Platform ever built. Well, we think so anyway.

A comprehensive, versatile, mind-boggling array of customer rewards, cross-selling, upselling, engaging, interacting and relationship-stewarding. All rolled into one clever, highly configurable web & mobile app. Customerrr can serve as your way to incentivize and motivate your customers to visit you more, spend more, and spread the good word about you to everyone they know. 24 x 7 x 365.

It’s the customer engagement and attraction tool that never sleeps. Building your customer-base, building the love and loyalty that your customers feel towards you and your brands, and building the revenue from your existing customers… is what Customerrr was designed from the ground up to deliver.

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